Security is the cornerstone of our business - it's what we do. And unfortunately, it's become a more and more critical necessity in our lives. It protects workplaces, businesses and homes from loss or damage to property, or potential harm to those present in those environments. A JTI security system provides the confidence that goes with knowing you are protected from unwanted or unwarranted breaches.

We are a full service security and surveillance system provider. We can handle everything involved in getting your home or office security/surveillance system up and running - from design, to hardware, to installation, client training and system monitoring. We can provide you with a custom system that's built to your specific needs, wants and desires - all without sacrificing the lifestyle you've come to know.

Whatever your security needs are, JTI has the solution - video cameras, burglar alarms, CCTV recording, alarm monitoring, video verification monitoring, access control, intrusion detection, and more. Virtually anything connected with home or business security, JTI Security is uniquely qualified to keep your personal, family and/or property safe and secure.